Eyestar Creations
A Tranquil Fence

Hi everyone, and welcome to the photography website of Eyestar Creations. My name is Iain Stanley. I'm from Sydney, Australia originally, but now I'm living in the far south-west of Japan, and capturing this amazing place through my lens. In brief, my life here consists of:

* Photographing the incredible beauty of life and nature in Japan
* Honing my photographic skills in order to produce high quality prints for purchase
* Developing my business, advertising and marketing skills
* Helping other photographers understand how to use social media more effectively

This website is the gallery display of photos I have taken around the world, particularly here in Japan. These photos showcase my love of landscapes, seascapes, and all forms of nature.

All photos on this website are available for purchase in different print forms, including paper, canvas and high-gloss metal. Calendars and special needs can also be met.

To purchase any photo from the site, there are 3 ways you can do it:

* Digital downloads 

* High-quality Paper Prints of all sizes to put in frames 

* Beautiful wall art such as prints on gloss metal, or canvas. You don't need frames for these.

If you'd like to know the differences between the 3 styles you can buy, please contact me at: iain@eyestarcreations.com



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